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        The company has a strong lineup of professional acrobats, an outstanding team of creative directors and choreographers, a strong stage technical team and a bilingual operation team. It has executed and hosted various large-scale government cultural performances for many times, and has been well received by the industry. If necessary, please contact us!

        For example: 2010-2014 China (Guangzhou) International Performing Arts Fair(5 consecutive times);2012 China (Guangzhou) Xinghai International Championship Summit and Workshop;2013 "China Cambodia Cultural Week in Commemoration of the 55th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and Cambodia";2014 "The 3rd China-US Performing Arts Cooperation Seminar";Gala night of 2017 Guangzhou "Fortune Forum" and 2019 "Reading China" (Guangzhou) International Conference Closing Gala, etc.

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